Friendsgiving (III)

Cuando me decidí a celebrar Friendsgiving, sabía que quería un pavo.

Mi primera Navidad en Irlanda fue con pavo y festín.

Así que acudí a la fuente de aquel bonito recuerdo: mi madre irlandesa.

Le escribí un email titulado “How to cook a turkey” para que me diese la receta. Y no he podido evitar publicarla (para los que os suene raro el inglés, traducción aquí):

Empieza así:

How to cook a turkey is a hard question.

I have never used a recipe so can’t give you weights and measures and also it depends on the weight of the bird.

There will be lots of directions online to check but weigh the bird and then cook at a high temperature for first 30 mins to seal in the juices and then at a low temperature for the rest of the time. Cover with tinfoil for the last hour. An average bird will weigh 11 or 12 pounds ( you will have to convert to kilos) and generally allow 20 mins per pound and then another extra 20 mins . So this bird will take 4 to 5 hours to cook.

Aquí tuve que para de leer porque me moría de la risaa con este inciso:

You are Mad to take this project on !!! I have been doing it all my life and am glad it’s only one day in the year !!! DO LOOK UP ONLINE

Luego, continua con la receta:

The stuffing is my own concoction too. I mix equal amounts of mashed potato (with LOTS of butter till almost runny) and breadcrumbs. Then add a large grated apple and onions which have been chopped finely and softened in a little oil on a pan beforehand.

Then add herbs parsley and thyme chopped finely and salt . Add more butter if needed . mix it all up with your hands and taste it .

You can put this into the turkey but it will swell so don’t pack it in too tight. You can cook it separately if you want and pour some of the turkey juice over it to give it more flavour.

The gravy is made using some of the turkey juices . in a pan over moderate heat put in the juices and stir in some flour or cornflour and then add a little red wine.

Y termina con esto:


Thank God we are going to a hotel for Christmas this year so won’t have to do it again.

Añadiendo este consejo, sincero 100%:

I think you might find something easier to give your friends.

Talk soon, your Irish mom

Un pensamiento en “Friendsgiving (III)

  1. Goku dice:

    ha ha ha, really genial! better advise imposible! My opinion is the same of your irish mother. call to “telepeich”! 😉

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